Thursday, April 23, 2015

School Excursion

School excursion 2015 @ Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur

The aim of this school trip was to increase the student’s awareness of different kind of animals especially the endangered species.

The students managed to see a lot including tigers, lions, butterflies, hippos, exotic birds, seals, camels, elephants, horses, monkeys and many more.  They also got to talk to staff about the animals and had experience to touch animals especially the free fly butterflies.

We all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Here are few pictures to share with you and see the happy faces of the students.

But first, filled up our empty stomach with delicious Nasi Lemak.

We are ready! Zoo Negara here we come!

4 years old students forming a line

Our wonderful journey begins...

Animals Show, keep our eyes on the stage.. really surprise how clever these animals are!

Airis volunteering her hand. 

Tram rides

Really nice view from up here!

Walking together

Lunch at The Wild Restaurant.

More animals!

Flowers to feed them

Pointing to butterfly!

Afraid to touch the butterfly.
"Are you sure, sir?"

"Glad you volunteer Faiq" won't bite...Can we touch it now sir..please...

No pictures coming out from the bus as Kajang was raining heavily that evening..Lucky for us during our amazing journey inside the Zoo, it was hot and sunny..

We hope we can go for another wonderful trip next year.......