Our Programmes

For the first four years of our operations (2007-2010), we have been offering the ingenious Fliptec@Q programme to our customers. To keep abreast of the new development in early childhood education and offering top-notch education services, we have added 2 more enrichment programmes starting 2011. Hence now we are offering 3 programmes namely:

Fliptech@Q / Beamind English / Beamind Art

Q-dees’ Fliptec@Q™ programmes are child focused and have been specially designed to see things through the eyes of a child. As a result, your child will be able to relate to and identify with the lessons more easily, maximising your child’s learning potential.

Our Fliptec@Q™ programmes have been created to accomodate pre- schoolers from all backgrounds. With a strong emphasis on language skills, your child will be able to master and communicate fluently in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia at an early age. In addition, our programmes will provide your child with the confidence and skills needed to face the challenges in any primary school. (National, Chinese or International.)
  • Focus - Fliptec@Q programmes are designed to increase your child's FOCUS and concentration.
  • Learning - Fliptec@Q programmes multiply your child's intelligence with real and meaningful LEARNING experiences.
  • Imaginative  -Fliptec@Q programmes help your child realise his creative potential and develop creative thinking skills.
  • Play - Fliptec@Q programmes offer a range of fun-filled activities to help your child learn while at PLAY.
  • Technology - Fliptec@Q programmes use state-of-the-art TECHNOLOGY to help your child learn better.
  • Fliptec@Q™ English Programme: is an innovative programme that covers the fundamentals of the language like comprehension, vocabulary, rhymes and expressions, idioms, vowels, consonant blends, composition, spelling and dictation.
  • Fliptec@Q™ Mandarin Programme: Provides basic language skill such as basic strokes, strokes sequence, radicals, phrase forming, collective nouns, homophones, similar characters, spelling, comprehension, synonyms and reading to prepare your child for Chinese primary school.
  • Fliptec@Q™ Bahasa Melayu Programme: Integrates activity books with state-of-the art interactive software to teach your child “Bacaria”, “Tatabahasa” and “Sukukata”.
  • Q-dees I/Q Maths Programme: Uses the ‘Hands-on, Mind-on’ approach to effectively help your child master mathematical skills, like computation, mental patterns and problem solving.
  • Fliptec@Q™ Early Discovery Programme: Provides your child with the opportunity to learn while having fun with the many exciting and interesting activities.
  • Fliptec@Q™ Music Programme: Develops and nurtures your child’s appreciation for music as well as enhances listening skills.
  • Fliptec@Q™ Character Building Programme: Has been specially designed to teach your child moral values as well as help him/ her to be independent and responsible at a very young age.
  • Fliptec@Q™ Art & Craft Programme: Allows your child to explore and express his/ her artistic skills through a variety of fun and creative activities
  • Q-dees Building Blocks Graded Reading Programme: Cultivates the interest in reading as well as motivates your child to read enthusiastically and confidently
  • Q-dees Science & Discovery Programme: Introduces your child to the many wonderful discoveries in the world of science.
  • Q-dees Gym Programme: Keeps your child physically and mentally healthy and active through excercises.
  • Pendidikan Islam (for Muslims only): Broadens your child’s knowledge of the teachings and values of Islam.
  • Other Activities: Including concerts, sports day, field trips, monthly celebrations, swimming (at selected centres)
The Q-dees’ unique Individual Child Monitoring System or ICMS™ enables the teacher to track every child’s progress and development.  This is a built-in system to monitor each child’s progress and made up of 3 major components:
  • Individual Child’s Observation where your child is observed daily
  • Progress Evaluation where your child is evaluated weekly or monthly after which, his/her learning difficulties are immediately addressed
  • Certificated Assessment where your child is assessed upon completion of the programme
  • All learning and teaching materials are carefully integrated and modulated to create a step-by-step learning process.
  • Hence, from the songs they sing, the poems they recite, the books they read, the multimedia software they see and down to the workbook they do, these various components are fully integrated to provide ample opportunities for your child to enjoy and comprehend the subject matter taught.


  • A creative approach to language mastery with a wide spectrum of conscious learning attributes. All integrated in an interctive and motivating software environment to bring out the best in a child
  • Beamind is uniquely designed to stimulates your child's intelligence, beamind his whole mind with the powerful integration of:
    • (Left Brain) Logic, Language, Sequence, Analysis
    • (Right Brain) Creativity, Colours, Rhythm, Imagination
2.1 B - Building Linguistic Intelligence™
  • Programme 1: Beamind Imaginative Theatre™ - Your child will be able to coprehand the language naturally through meanings derived from relevant contexts within the Beamind Imaginative Theatre.
  • Programme 2: Beamind Intelligent Word Factory™ - Builds the foundation for your child's vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Programme 3: Beamind School Of Grammar™ (& Songs) - Your child will be thought the proper usage of grammar through stories and songs.
  • Programme 4: Beamind Spelling Beamer™ - Your child will experience an innovative way of learning spelling by methods of listening, visualising, imagining and vocalising through spelling songs.
2.2 E - Empowering Creativity And Imagination™
  • Programme 5: Beamind Creative Poet™ -  Enhancing your child's language through idioms, rhymes and poems.
  • Programme 6: The Beamind LETS™ (Language Expessions Through Songs) - LETS enables your child to recall language expressions through songs.
2.3 A - Applying Skills In Real-Life Situations™
  • Programme 7: Beamind EQ Character Builder™ -  Cultivates good values and high EQ in children's daily behavior and expressions.
  • Programme 8: Beamind Science Centre™ -  In line with the Primary School Curriculum, your child will be introduced to fundamental scientific terms and vocabulary.
  • Programme 9: Beamind E-Creative Application™ -  Your child will discover his inner creativity through projects with the knowledge they have acquired.
2.4 M - Mastery Of The English Language™
  • Programme 10: Beamastery Academy™ -  Reinforces the 4 key learning outcomes: Listening Linguist, Eloquent Speaker, Reading Scholar and Write Right Composer.
  • Programme 11: Beamind E-Reading Scholar™ -  Cultivates your child's interest and love for reading as he completes his own Beamind Reader.
  • Programme 12: Beamind E-Adventure Manual™ -  Practice makes perfect. Using familiar expressions and carefully designed building blocks, your child can confidently master letters, words, spelling, grammar, phrases, sentence structures and compositions.


  • Creativity in art helps to extend your child's creative thinking skills needed to excel in other academic areas like
    • Creative problem-solving in Maths
    • Creative discovery in Science
    • Creative use of Languages
  • The early nurturing of creative thinking skills through the Beamind International Art Programme™ sets your child apart as a foundation towards the creative arts or design fields and other specialised professions.
  • Creativity is in every child. However, creativity needs to be nurtured and learnt. The Beamind International Art Programme™ empowers your child creativity through the 5 BEAMIND LINK & THINK™ COMPONENTS:
    1. Beamind Creative Expressions - Your child will discover the creative expressions of famous artists and will explore self-expressions in art creations
    2. Beamind™ Draw - Builds your child's confidence towards independent drawing: objects, scenes, portraits, perspectives, 3D etc.
    3. Beamind Design™ - your child will develop creative designs of art and craft works, applying graphic, advertising and product design concepts
    4. Beamind Rendering™ Techniques - Your child learns to apply a variety of painting and rendering techniques in art like Oil Pastel 3-Toned Shading Technique.
    5. Beamodelling™ - Develops imaginative and inventive skills within your child to create 3D models.
  • Your child learns through learning patterns incorporated within these components. Using BEAMIND LINK & THINK™ system, these components are specially designed and linked to develop and nurture creativity within your child