Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Day @ The Zoo (School Trip 2012 - Part 2)

Journey continues..

Animals Show - This show features performances from sea lions, chimpanzee and other animals at the open-air amphitheatre which is located near the Hornbill Centre.

There are trains to take us on ride all around the zoo...and 3 trains to fit us all !

Yummy, yummy..lunch treat at The Wild Restaurant. Menu? Burger, fries and milo

When we leave the zoo in the evening, the place leaves us with pleasant memories of birds, animals and reptiles which are also creations of God and which have a right to live with us in this wonderful world. 

Not to forget our goody bags to bring home and to share the pleasant moment with our mommy and daddy!
A visit to a zoo - isn't it informative and educative !

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