Wednesday, March 30, 2011

School Excursion 2011 - Part I

Date: Tuesday 29 March 2011
Time: 8:30am - 4.30pm
Sites: RMAF Museum, Sg. Besi & Splash Park, The Mines

We depart from school around 9:00 am, a 30 minutes delay due to normal kids issues e.g. late arrival, forgot to bring required items and most of the times… toilets. Anyway, nothing could hinder our beloved kids; spirits are still high, moods are still jovial & their faces are still filled with excitement and a pinch of anxiety especially for those who had never went out without their parents.

A child needs energy to learn & explore. Therefore, although we had asked parents to feed breakfast to the children before coming to school, we still prepare a simple breakfast of buns & drinks for the kids. Understandably that due to their excitement and the rush hour most of the kids had very little or no breakfast yet. So upon arrival, we make use of the gazebos at the museum entrance. Out come the lunchboxes & tumblers, we had our breakfast together at the museum.

ITS A BIRD, NO ITS A PLANE.... and lots of it!
Besides our usual teachers; Teacher Mai, Teacher Vithya, Teacher Yuni & Teacher Az, we are also assisted by three other teachers namely Teacher Liza, Teacher Lina & Teacher Salmah. The kids were divided into 7 smaller groups and chaperoned by each one of the teacher. By doing this, we hope all children would get equal opportunity to see, feel & experience the displays in the museum.

Teachers were asked to read & explain the displays to the kids and assist them to experience the displayed aircrafts themselves.

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