Thursday, March 31, 2011

School Excursion 2011 - Part II

Date: Tuesday 29 March 2011
Time: 8:30am - 4.30pm
Sites: RMAF Museum, Sg. Besi & Splash Park, The Mines

One and a quarter of an hour exploring the RMAF Museum is actually a big task to the children. They are tired, thirsty and some are already hungry. Therefore, it is the usual “Snack Time”. We gather again at the gazebos for some drinks and donuts before departing for The Mines as our next location.

Snack time, snack time
Wash your hand and settle down
Snack time, snack time
Wait your food to be passed around
Snack time, snack time
Wait until everyone has their food
Snack time, snack time
Together let’s enjoy our food

It is a Splash & Sploosh time at the SPLASH PARK, The Mines! The park was divided into 3 sections; the wading/swimming pool, water play area and a dry playground area. It is quite safe as the wading pool is only slightly more than a foot deep. Under supervision of 11 adults (8 from our centre & another 3 from the park management), the kids really had a good time. Fortunately enough, we have the whole park to ourselves, as there was nobody else there.


One and a half hour at the water park really tires the kids. Nobody refused when the whistle blows signaling them to come out of the pool & water play. We changed our clothes, packed our bags and in lines, we walked to the Pizza San Francisco restaurant for our lunch. We are a bit early so the kids need to wait a while before foods were served.

Kids were served pizzas, chicken fingers, fries and iced chocolate. Teachers were also served almost the same menu but in different quantity. Before we left the restaurant, we were treated with ice cream as takeaways and to be eaten while waiting for the bus.



To sum it up, it is a very successful activity & times were well spent. The children had fun & enjoying themselves while learning & exploring at the same time. We would like to thank:
  • All parents for giving us their trusts, support and opportunity to organize this event and spend times with their precious children
  • RMAF/TUDM Museum, Sungai Besi
  • The Management of Splash Park & The Mines Shopping Centre
  • Mr. Johnson & the crews at Pizza San Francisco, The Mines
  • All who had helped & assist in preparing & executing this event.
Thank you.


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